As the largest textile and garments manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, Rehana Textile Establishment principally engaged in the production, sale and distribution of textiles materials. Having seized the opportunities to develop in Abu Dhabi during the past 35 years, Rehana has grown rapidly and become a large-scale enterprise. Using state of the art machinery, we have now become one of the dominant enterprises in the local Garment requirements. At present, we are the largest garment manufacturer in the city and one of top in the Country. We provide school uniform  in Abu Dhabi and all across UAE. 

Rehana Textile is located in the Musaffah Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi and we work 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. At present, Rehana is in a good position in the market because of its enormous economies of scale. We are a manufacturer of all types of garment products which gives us an advantage over other companies in terms of quality and delivery. We also setup school uniform store in Abu Dhabi an UAE schools. 

In the long term, UAE’s consumption of textile and apparel will be continuously boosted by urbanization and “income doubling plan”, and demand will shift to middle and high-end apparel products. We will follow the demand trend. While proactively expanding our market, and reducing inventory levels, we will continue to increase production efficiency and reduce the labor used per 10,000 spindles through optimizing operating process coupled with technical innovations and upgrades. We intend to maintain our strategy of focusing on high-end products, developing emerging market and expanding market share by taking advantage of industry consolidation, thereby maintaining our leading position in the global cotton textile and garments industry. We have custom made clothing right from school uniform to graduation gowns. 



Founded in 1982, in Abu Dhabi, Rehana was primarily a Textile trader and supplier to the local traders and consumers until 2015, when we opened our first local manufacturing plant.

The Year Rehana shifted its focus from a Textile trader to opening its first local manufacturing unit in Abu Dhabi to meet the massive market needs. With State of the art infrastructure and utilization of the finest machinery imported from the global markets, Rehana is capable of providing and meeting any Textile and Garment needs around the country.

With products in markets ranging from Textiles to home fashions and apparel, Rehana was an industry giant by the late 1980’s only a few years post its commencement in 1982, becoming the markets largest supplier. After a period of restructuring focusing on high-value technical textiles for the national market,

Today we supply the leading Firms in some of the most demanding applications in the world with fabrics and composites. Our local manufacturing footprint includes world-class facilities in Abu Dhabi and Ajman enabling us to support our customers around the Country.